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Graco Launches Family Matters Campaign Alongside Great Value Deals

In a heartfelt response to the pressing concerns of new parents amidst a challenging economic landscape, Graco has embarked on a meaningful initiative called "Family Matters." This campaign not only aims to address the financial anxieties faced by many families but also offers practical solutions and substantial savings on essential baby products.

Understanding the Challenges

In February, nursery product manufacturer, Graco researched with First Time Mums UK to better understand how the cost-of-living crisis is affecting homes with very young children. Through their research, Graco uncovered staggering statistics: 97% of surveyed mothers expressed heightened financial worries since expecting or welcoming their newborns. The anxieties are rooted in everyday essentials like household bills, childcare costs, and the daunting return to work post-maternity leave. These concerns have taken a toll, with over two-thirds of mothers reporting adverse effects on their mental health and personal relationships.

Adapting to Financial Challenges

In response to these challenges, many parents have adjusted their spending habits drastically. Measures like buying second-hand items, cutting back on outings, and even returning to work earlier than planned have become common. For some, the financial strain has led to life-altering decisions, such as canceling life plans or seeking social housing.

Supporting Parents Through "Family Matters"

Moved by these findings, Graco initiated the "Family Matters" campaign, set to run from June 17th to 21st. The campaign aims to provide crucial support and guidance to parents grappling with financial uncertainty. Graco will leverage its Instagram platform to offer expert advice from renowned parent advisors, addressing topics from budgeting to understanding maternity benefits.

Family Matters Campaign: Practical Support for Parents

From June 17th to 21st, Graco’s Instagram account will be a hub of invaluable advice from respected parent experts. Clare Seal (@myfrugalyear) will share insights on managing mental health under financial pressure. Rachel Harris (@accountant_she) will offer guidance on entitlements to benefits and credits, culminating in an Instagram live session with Mother & Baby. Beth Turbutt-Rogers (@budgetingmumofficial) will provide tips on financial management to ensure a fulfilling family life, and Adam Shaw (@atdadstable) will address the 44% of mums worried about the cost of feeding their families, with advice on meal planning and budget-friendly healthy eating.

Additionally, Graco continues to support the PANDAS Foundation, a charity dedicated to helping parents affected by perinatal mental illness.

Making Essential Baby Items Affordable

In a bid to alleviate some financial pressure, Graco is announcing significant price drops on several of its popular products. The award-winning Sweet2Sleep bedside cot is retailing at a remarkable £80, and the Turn2Me i-Size R129 spin car seat is retailing at just £160. The Graco Near2Me 3-in-1 travel system includes the Near2Me Carrycot and the SnugEssentials i-Size infant car seat. And now it comes as part of a bundle deal with the Graco ISOFAMILY R129 car seat base, all for the outstanding price

A Message of Hope and Support

Luisa Rollins-Svensson, Consumer & Trade Marketing Manager for Graco UK, emphasizes the brand's commitment to understanding and responding to parents' needs. "We found that 38% of parents worry about the cost of essential baby items like nappies, and 70% feel they cannot afford the lifestyle they envisioned for their family. We are privileged to offer reliable products at great prices and to provide expert advice that we hope will help many new parents in the UK."

As these findings and initiatives illustrate, addressing the financial concerns of new mums is not just about providing products but also about offering comprehensive support and guidance to ensure families can thrive despite economic challenges.

Author: Graco Baby UK 

Instagram: @graco_uk 


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