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Raising a Reader: Ideas to help your little one love books!

Are you keen to turn your little one into a bookworm?

Start your reading journey early

It is never too early to start reading to your little one. Books with high contrast images are ideal in the early days and although your little one will not understand the story just yet, they will love listening to the rhythm of your voice. The comforting sound of your voice as they are snuggled in your arms will allow books to become part of the routine for both of you from early on. The sounds and rhythms are a valuable element of learning and by reading together you will be exposing them to a wide range of vocabulary which will support them in learning to speak. 

Get Interactive

Who says reading has to be a one-way street? Not me! Choose books with fun features like touch-and-feel textures, peek-a-boo flaps, or sound buttons. Then, let your little explorer get involved and take the lead. Encourage them to touch, feel, and explore as you read together. Don't forget to make animal noises or silly faces along the way - associating books with fun will allow books to become part of their play environment and encourage a natural love for books. 

Put on a Show!

Channel your inner actor and bring those characters to life. Use different voices, gestures, and a prop or two to re-tell the story. I love to make story sacks to support the story and over time your little one will enjoy using the story sack to tell you stories to – amazing for their imagination! Try getting your little one involved while you tell the story - whether it's roaring like a lion or flapping their arms like a bird, let their imagination soar alongside yours. 

Follow Their Lead

Who's the boss when it comes to book choices? Spoiler alert: it's not you! Pay attention to what tickles your little one's fancy and go with the flow. Whether they're obsessed with trucks, dinosaurs, or princesses, let their interests guide your book selections. Take regular trips to the library or bookstore and let them pick out their own bookish adventures – giving them the independence to do this will encourage them to pick up and read a book.


Create a Cosy Reading Corner

Every great adventure needs a cosy hideout, right? Create a special reading nook where you and your little bookworm can escape into the wonderful world of stories. Think comfy pillows, soft blankets, and their favourite books. Make it a space where screens are a no-go and a include a few story-telling props. Once you have got your reading sanctuary set up, you'll both treasure this focused time together away from the everyday chaos. 

Reading to your little ones really is one of the greatest gifts you can give that keeps on giving. We’d love to hear from you if you try any of these tips - tag us @zazastorybox on Instagram for a chance to be featured!

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