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Guide for New Parents: Why Sunnies Helps

As you begin on this thrilling (and somewhat scary) adventure called parenting, you'll soon realise that protecting your new baby is your ultimate mission.

Hello, amazing parents!

As you begin on this thrilling (and somewhat scary) adventure called parenting, you'll soon realise that protecting your new baby is your ultimate mission. From the moment your tiny baby opens their eyes to the world, they're absorbing everything around them, including the sun's rays. That's why today, we're here to shed some light (literally!) on the importance of UV 100% protection sunglasses for your little one.

What's the importance of UV?

Picture this: your baby basking in the sun, wearing the cutest Sunnies you've ever seen, and you're thinking, "Do they really need those sunglasses?" Yes, they do! While we love to see our tiny new customers channelling their inner movie star, the sun can be sneaky, packing harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays that can cause serious damage to delicate eyes, just like those sneaky crayons hidden behind the couch. The effects of UV rays are cumulative and irreversible, which is why Helen and I think it's so important to help spread the eyecare message to all our parents.

Defence Against the Harmful Rays

Cue the incoming hero theme music! UV 100% protection sunglasses are your baby's secret weapon against the harmful forces of UV radiation. Unlike regular sunglasses, these super Sunnies are the ultimate protection for their precious eyes, guarding them against harmful UVA and UVB rays. So, the next time you head out for a walk, don't forget to prepare your little one with the ultimate protection offered by UV 100 sunglasses.

UV Protection: Not Just for Beach Days!

UV rays are everywhere from sunny beaches to cloudy days, and even during the snowy winter wonderland adventures. So, even if you're not hitting the beach, remember to slip on those Sunnies! After all, who doesn't love a little added style and sun protection on any adventure?

Fashion Forward Mini-Me’s

Now, let's talk fashion! Gone are the days of boring, plain sunglasses. Today, UV protection sunglasses for babies and children come in a variety of designs and colours. Your little one can rock a pair that complements their personality, whether it be, cool crystal frames, dazzling diva amour sunglasses, or even adorable roundabout frames. Who says being safe in the sun can’t be fashionable? Start Early, Shine Bright

You might be wondering when to introduce sunglasses to your child's life, we get asked regularly so you're not alone in wondering. The answer? The sooner, the better! As soon as your baby starts to head out into the world, be prepared with those trusty Sunnies.

Also remember in little ones anything new can be a perseverance game, just like wearing a sunhat or applying sun cream, yet all are equally important in protection from the sun.

So you've now unlocked the secrets of UV 100% protection sunglasses and how they will keep your baby and children safe in the sun. Remember, it's never too early to start good habits in your tiny babies, and the younger they are when starting to wear sunglasses the easier it is. So, embrace the sunny side of life, and watch as they shine bright.

Author: Sunnies for kids @sunniesforkids


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