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Become a Christmas Adventurer with Festive Family Walks

The festive season is a time for togetherness, enjoying family traditions, and creating lasting memories. So, what better way to strengthen family bonds, health and wellbeing than enjoying the magical winter wonderland on an energizing festive walk with your young family?

Why take a Winter Walk?

The benefits of outdoor activity for both mental and physical wellbeing are well known. A walk in the fresh air can boost circulation, improve moods, and help to tackle winter blues. Embracing the outdoors is particularly essential during the holiday season when we are surrounded by indulgences and temptations, and we feel more motivated to snuggle down under the twinkling fairy lights inside! Walking is a great way to burn some calories, get the endorphins flowing, and invigorate our senses.

Festive Togetherness in the Fresh Air

Christmas (and the run-up to it) can be hectic with so much to remember and do, leaving parents feeling quite exhausted! So, making time for simple family connections becomes much more important, and walking as a family is a great way to bond and establish deeper connections with one another. Walking provides people of all ages with the ideal opportunity to immerse themselves in nature’s beauty, and even those little ones who can’t yet walk, or who you need to keep safe and close in busy environments, can stay involved by using a front or back child carrier. The opportunity to carve out some quality time at Christmas to dedicate towards exploring outside together is not one to be missed and by carrying your toddler or young child in a back carrier can be a perfect, fuss-free and hands-free solution. Not only do they get to explore the sights and sounds of the season at adult height level, but you can fully embrace the surroundings without worrying for their safety.

Christmas Adventuring Essentials – how to prepare for, and what to take on a Christmas Day outdoor adventure

First of all, you’ve got to wrap up warm! Don’t be fooled by that warm belly full of Christmas cuisine, it’s always going to be chilly at the end of December. A proper coat, a woolly hat and gloves, as well as a thick pair of socks and plenty of layers can’t be left off the packing list if you’re visiting relatives for the big day! If you’re going rural, a pair of walking shoes (waterproof if possible) are a must, and if the weather isn’t tip top, a waterproof or poncho wouldn’t go amiss either.

If you’re adventuring with little ones, especially those that might not want to walk the distance, there’s a few things you should consider. For one, it’s best to consider bringing their smallest present along to keep them occupied, after all they have only just got all those exciting new gifts! If you carry your child in a back carrier, your toddler will be able to take a comfortable rest on the longer walks, and you can bring any essentials in a side pocket! LittleLife’s newest Adventure S3 child carrier, for example, is a super-lightweight and simple-to-use option for these Christmas jaunts and is a great piece of kit to have year-round for park adventures and fuss free popping to the shops, so it’s a great investment.

Magic Moments and Festive Family Traditions

Family traditions, both old and new, are the fabric of the holiday season. The gift of traditions is that each year they become more nostalgic, inviting us to remember special moments from past celebrations and to share in the joys of new experiences. Festive walks have the potential to be a new family tradition, one that the different generations can enjoy together. The tradition of a post-Christmas meal walk where we all dust off our wellington boots and don our trusty backpacks is one frequented by a multitude of families annually. Through these simple outings, all generations of the family are bound by a spirit of togetherness and belonging. Celebrate the festive season, reconnect with nature, and discover the joys that await you and your entire family.

Author: LittleLife


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