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Where to Go For Car Seat Advice And Support

Parenting is an incredible journey, but ensuring your child's safety in the car can be daunting. Whether you're expecting, in the newborn phase, or chasing a toddler, choosing the right car seat is crucial, and you're not alone in this journey!

Graco has created a destination to support parents, help them get their heads around car seat regulations, share experiences, provide advice from experts, and feel less alone. Safe Journeys is a new section of the popular The Graco Village site and it’s live now.

Shaped by real mums

What’s really special about Safe Journeys is that you, the lovely network of First Time Mums, helped shape the site by providing some incredible insight through a recent survey. 81% of the First Time Mums group told us they felt nervous taking the first car journey with their baby, and not just that, 40% of them felt anxious. Even though 80% of mums had practiced putting the car seat into the car before that first important journey and felt confident about how to do it, three quarters (74%) of the mums were not completely confident with how to secure their baby into their car seat. We found that only 30% practiced putting the baby into their seat ahead of taking the first car journey.

When it came to the journey itself, 79% of the mum’s partners drove the car, while 17% took the journey with a friend or relative. Just 2% of the mums drove themselves. 86% of the mums travelled sitting in the back with their little one and a third of these mums (34%) said they continued to sit in the back with their little one for 10 or more trips.

This amazing insight has not only informed the Safe Journeys pages but it reaffirms that as first time mums, we’re never alone with our feelings. Before you head on over to check out Safe Journeys, we asked the experts at Graco to share some of their top tips for getting the right car seat.

Graco has proudly been keeping children safe in its car seats for over 60 years and now, to help parents and carers understand and easily remember the newer R129 car seat safety standard, Graco has brought new meaning to the word safe.

S - Size of your child. R129 car seat compatibility is measured by the length, or height of the child.

A - Advanced Side Impact Protection. R129 car seats have improved reinforced frames to protect the child in the event of a collision.

F - Fitting formulas ensure the car seat fits the car.

E - Extended rearward facing. Graco, is recommending rearward travel up to 4 years of age.

To find out more, head on over to The Graco Village and the new Safe Journeys section, which is packed full of advice. There you’ll find other parents sharing their experiences, as well as know-how from a wide range of experts including Halfords, and car seat accessory specialist LittleLife. If you’ve ever wondered why you need to give children frequent breaks from their car seats and the impact this has on their bodies, a movement expert from Brytespark has the answers. Plus, there’s a link out to Brake, the road safety charity.

Take a visit to The Graco Village today.

Author: Graco Baby UK

Instagram: @graco_uk


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