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What is the ideal pushchair for families?

Having a family helping with the daily care for your little one is becoming more and more common, in particular if you are working and always on-the-go.

Making that daily care as easy as possible is key to a harmonious routine and that's why we are looking at the best pushchair for grandparents or for other family members/supporters.

Ease of use

You may be used to your everyday travel system, folding, unfolding, getting baby strapped in safe and secure and lifting it in and out of your car boot, however, how easy is it for grandparents to use?

Having a second pushchair which is lightweight and super easy to use is critical for them to enjoy taking care of your little bundle of fun on a daily basis. Ensure that it is comfortable for baby and easy to operate.

The fold and unfold

Having a pushchair which can be folded and unfolded without having to pour over the instruction manual for hours will help to make life easy for baby’s grandparents. A fold with one hand even better, leaving them to hold on to baby safely in the other arm.


We may not want to think about our parents getting older but the realism is, they are. They need a pushchair which is lightweight to make lifting in and out of the car an easy task.

At home

Ideally having their own pushchair at their house will save you time and effort dragging yours with you on a daily basis in and out of the house when you drop baby off, and also save you time. A compact folding pushchair means they can store it neatly away when not in use, and if it comes with a handy travel bag even better!

Out and about

Your parents may struggle to manoeuvre a large pushchair around town or through the park. Swivel wheels and all round suspension will mean they can push the pushchair with ease!

In a nutshell, think; ease of use, a simple fold and unfold, lightweight and super stylish! Your family will thank you for it!

Author: Leclercbaby

Instagram: @leclercbaby 


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