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What Do You Need To Consider When Buying a Baby Sleeping Bag?

The wide array of baby sleeping bag options available can leave any parent confused. How do you choose the ideal sleeping bag for your little one?

In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the key factors you need to consider when making your selection.

Safety First

One of the paramount concerns when choosing a baby sleeping bag is safety. Research has consistently demonstrated that baby sleeping bags play a crucial role in reducing the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). They do this by preventing your baby from overheating and ensuring a constant body temperature throughout the night. Unlike traditional blankets or duvets, a baby can freely wriggle about in a sleeping bag without the risk of accidentally covering their head. The design of a baby sleeping bag also makes it more difficult for your baby to roll over, helping them remain in the recommended back sleeping position. When shopping for a baby sleeping bag, look for trusted brands that incorporate safety features, such as fitted neck and armholes, to prevent your baby from slipping down inside the bag.

Choosing the Right Tog Rating

Understanding the TOG rating is crucial. TOG, which stands for "Thermal Overall Grade," measures thermal resistance and is based on the room temperature where your baby will sleep. The higher the TOG rating, the warmer the sleeping bag. TOGs are available in various weights, including 0.5 Tog (Summer), 1.0 Tog (Spring/Autumn), 2.5 Tog (Winter / All Year Round), and 3.5 Tog (Cold Winter). A reputable brand will ensure that their baby sleeping bags undergo laboratory testing to confirm it meets the correct TOG weight. Slumbersac sends all baby and toddler sleeping bags to Intertek for TOG testing to guarantee that each bag complies with the approved weight and safety requirements.

The Best Material Selection

The material of the sleeping bag is a critical consideration. Choose a fabric that is soft and

gentle on your baby's delicate skin. Natural options like cotton, bamboo, muslin and modal are excellent choices, as they are both breathable and hypoallergenic. In contrast, cheaper, synthetic fabrics should be avoided, as they may cause your baby to overheat and potentially irritate their skin.

Zip Matters

The quality and functionality of the zip on the sleeping bag are vital. For smaller sizes, look for a sleeping bag with a zip that runs from the bottom to the top, making it easier to change your baby's nappy without the need to completely remove the sleeping bag.

Size and Age Suitability

The size and age of your baby are essential considerations when selecting a sleeping bag. Most sleeping bags come in various sizes, so it's crucial to choose one that suits your child's age, height and weight. A sleeping bag that's too large or too small can be uncomfortable and pose safety risks.

Exploring Different Sleeping Bag Types

At Slumbersac, you can select from two types of baby sleeping bags:

  • Standard Baby Sleeping Bag: These are available in six different sizes, catering to newborns up to 10 years old. When choosing the correct size, ensure your baby can move and wriggle comfortably within the sleeping bag. Ideally, your baby's feet should occupy about 3/4 of the sleeping bag, leaving the bottom quarter empty.

Sleeping Bag with Feet

Some babies might not take to standard sleeping bags, which is where Slumbersac's sleeping bags with feet are a great alternative. These are perfect for active toddlers who are learning to walk, providing them with the freedom to move around while enjoying the comfort of their sleeping bag at bedtime. Many toddlers prefer having their feet uncovered at night, and these designs accommodate both options. These are available from 6 months+.

Why Choose Slumbersac?

With over 15 years of experience and trusted by thousands of parents, Slumbersac understands the needs of both babies and parents. Their sleeping bags incorporate all the practical elements you'd expect. They are crafted from 100% pure cotton, making them exceptionally soft and ideal for sensitive baby skin. Slumbersac offers a wide choice too, so you're guaranteed to find a sleeping bag that your little one will adore. And, they even do adult versions!

Author: Slumbersac

Instagram: @slumbersac


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