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Ultimate Guide to Creating the Perfect Baby Registry with MyCrib

So you’ve planned your baby shower and now everyone is asking you what gift they can get you to help with your newest arrival.

Enter the baby registry - these wishlists are increasingly popular and are often shared on the baby shower invitation to give guests some guidance on what to gift to the expecting parents.

Because of the surge in popularity of registries we thought we’d introduce you to our favorite website to create your baby registry on.

MyCrib is the leading baby registry in the UK, it's free and super-simple to use online tool and a great way to give your friends and family a better idea of what you and baby actually need. One of the great particularities of MyCrib is that you can add any product from any site (Mamas & Papas, John Lewis, Next, Natural baby shower, Amazon – really any website!) with a click of a button. Which makes it a lot more freeing and comprehensive than making a list on Amazon or John Lewis where you are limited to items sold on the site. 

MyCrib has many other great perks, let’s dive into them.

Expert-selected Product Recommendations 

Although you can of course add products you’ve already spotted we know expecting parents don’t always know where to start – enter MyCrib's recommendations.

This clever tool immediately gives some inspiration and allows you to see what other expecting parents are adding to their baby shower gift registries.

The most added items are highlighted across a range of categories so you can see what's been most popular across play, nursery, safety and many more. MyCrib’s editorial team points out what they like and don’t like about the product and you’ll be able to read some more in-depth reviews if you’re still hesitating.

As well as the buying assistant, the weekly emails and on-site guides, such as “Things you’ll need if you’re breastfeeding” or “Parent’s favorite muslin cloths”, help you discover cool brands and guide you towards products tried and loved by the community of MyCrib parents.

Real-time Price Comparison

For all items on their site, MyCrib keeps track of all the sites on which the products are selling and at what price, so when the time comes parents can buy the product for the lowest price.


You also have the possibility of completely personalising your registry to make it a reflection of your little family. You can add pictures, comments, a thank you text and “heart” the products you’d like your family and friends to prioritize.

You can then add the link to your list on your christening, naming ceremony or baby shower invites and your guests will know exactly what you'd like to receive, while still feeling like they're giving a personal and thoughtful gift.

Group Gifting

You needn't shy away from big ticket items because MyCrib offers a group gifting option that lets people contribute as much as they want toward the item.

The money then directly goes to your cash fund – MyCrib takes no commission at all, so you will get exactly what your family and friends have contributed.

They’ve got a great app !

Which you can download here, it’s free, easy to use and that way you can make your registry on the go !


Author: MyCrib



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