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The Baby Registry Guide 2024: Expert Recommendations from First Time Mums UK

As the anticipation of motherhood builds, expectant mothers across the UK are undoubtedly submerged in a sea of decisions, from nursery decor to baby gear essentials. Among the pivotal choices awaiting them is the creation of a comprehensive baby registry, a roadmap to ensuring they have all the essentials for their little one's arrival.

What is a Baby Registry?

A baby registry is a curated list of baby products and essentials that expectant parents compile to share with family and friends. It serves as a helpful guide for gift-givers and ensures that parents receive items they truly need and want for their newborn. From practical necessities to personalized touches, a well-thought-out baby registry streamlines the process of preparing for the baby's arrival.

Where to Create Your Baby Registry?

Several websites offer convenient platforms for creating and managing baby registries. Here are some popular options available to expecting mums in the UK:

Amazon: As one of the world's largest online retailers, Amazon provides a vast selection of baby products, along with user-friendly registry management tools and the convenience of fast shipping.

John Lewis & Partners: With its reputation for quality and customer service, John Lewis offers an extensive range of baby essentials, nursery furniture, and accessories, making it a preferred choice for many expectant parents.

Mamas & Papas: Specializing in baby clothing, furniture, and accessories, Mamas & Papas is a go-to destination for stylish and functional baby products, with the option to create a registry both online and in-store.

Tesco Baby Club: Tesco's Baby Club provides a convenient platform for creating a baby registry while offering discounts, parenting advice, and access to exclusive events for members.

The Baby Box Co: Known for its innovative baby boxes filled with essentials, The Baby Box Co. offers a unique registry experience, allowing parents to create a wishlist of curated products designed to support safe sleep practices.

Preparing for your baby's arrival involves ensuring you have all the essentials to provide a safe and comfortable environment. To assist you in this journey, we've compiled a comprehensive checklist categorized into essential sections. From feeding and sleeping gear to health and safety necessities, this guide will help you create a well-rounded baby registry tailored to your needs.

Now, let's delve into a more detailed list of baby items to include in your registry:

Nappies and Wipes

Ensuring you have an ample supply of nappies and wipes is essential for keeping your baby clean and comfortable. From newborn sizes to larger options, having a variety on hand will prepare you for any situation. Fragrance-free wipes are gentle on your baby's delicate skin, while nappy rash cream provides soothing relief when needed.

  • Disposable nappies in various sizes

  • Eco-friendly nappies (optional)

  • Fragrance-free baby wipes

  • Nappy rash cream

By stocking up on nappies and wipes, you'll be well-prepared for your baby's arrival and can tackle diaper changes with ease.


From adorable onesies to cosy sleepers, dressing your baby in comfortable and weather-appropriate clothing is a delightful part of parenthood. Soft fabrics, such as cotton, are gentle on your baby's skin, while hats and mittens provide warmth during colder months. Don't forget to include socks and booties to keep tiny toes snug and stylish.

  • Onesies (short-sleeved and long-sleeved)

  • Sleepsuits or babygrows

  • Socks and booties

  • Hats and mittens

  • Season-appropriate outerwear (jackets, snowsuits)

With a variety of clothing options at your disposal, you can easily mix and match outfits to suit any occasion, allowing your baby to look and feel their best.

SuperLoop, where sustainability meets style for your little ones! So, what exactly is the SuperLoop all about?

It's a delightful cycle where you can contribute in two fantastic ways: first, by donating your baby's outgrown but still beautiful clothes, and second, by renting clothes for your little bundle of joy. Ideally, doing both creates a wonderful, sustainable loop!

But what truly matters is that you're participating in this loop. SuperLoop is filled with adorable baby and children's clothes that have been passed down with love from parents who understand the power of sharing.

They've got you covered from newborns to 3-year-olds, and even older siblings up to 7 years old. Plus, when you order, you can include clothes for the older siblings at no extra cost. Dive into a treasure trove of your favorite brands and discover new ones to adore.

Their mission is simple: to make lovely secondhand clothing affordable and accessible while helping you take action to safeguard the planet for your little one's future.

Ready to join the SuperLoop? Sign up today and let's start looping for a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow!

Feeding Essentials

Whether you're breastfeeding or formula feeding, having the right feeding essentials on hand is crucial for nourishing your baby. Nursing bras and breast pads provide comfort and support for breastfeeding mothers, while bottles and nipples are essential for bottle-feeding parents. A breast pump allows you to express milk efficiently, while burp cloths are handy for cleaning up any spills or dribbles.

  • Nursing bras or breast pads (for breastfeeding mothers)

  • Bottles and nipples (if formula feeding)

  • Breast pump (manual or electric)

  • Bottle steriliser and bottle brush

  • Burp cloths or muslin squares

With the proper feeding essentials at your disposal, you can confidently feed your baby, knowing they're receiving the best possible care and nutrition.

Sleeping Gear

Creating a safe and comfortable sleep environment is essential for your baby's health and wellbeing. A sturdy cot or bassinet provides a secure place for your baby to rest, while fitted sheets ensure a snug fit. Swaddles and sleep sacks promote safe sleeping habits, while a white noise machine creates a soothing atmosphere conducive to sleep.

  • Cot or bassinet with a firm mattress

  • Fitted cot sheets

  • Swaddles or sleep sacks

  • Waterproof mattress protector

  • White noise machine or sleep sounds device

By investing in quality sleeping gear, you can create a peaceful and nurturing sleep environment for your baby, fostering healthy sleep habits from the start.

Discover the secret to blissful sleep with Swaddle Up™ Online Exclusive. Crafted from premium cotton, this swaddle is a parenting game-changer, earning three prestigious awards at the 2023 Made For Mums Awards. Priced at £27.99, it's your ticket to a night of uninterrupted rest for both you and your little one.

Designed with your baby's well-being in mind, the Swaddle Up™ allows them to adopt a natural ARMS UP™ position, promoting a sense of security and freedom.

The unique patented wings facilitate the ARMS UP™ position, enabling true SELF-SOOTHING™ for your baby, leading to longer and more restful sleep sessions. Plus, with its twin zipper feature, diaper changes are a breeze without disturbing your little one's slumber.

Safety is paramount, which is why this swaddle is acknowledged as a hip-healthy product by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. The design encourages the recommended flexion for hips and legs, ensuring your baby's comfort and development.

Crafted from original jersey fabric, this swaddle is not only soft and stretchy but also durable, retaining its shape wash after wash. Ideal for room temperatures between 20°C and 24°C, its single-layer design reduces the risk of overheating, providing a cozy environment for your baby.

For added convenience, Swaddle Up™ pairs perfectly with Love to Dream™ layers for both sleep and play. And when it comes to maintenance, rest assured it's easy-care—machine washable and tumble dryer friendly.

Available in three sizes—Newborn, Small, and Medium—this swaddle is designed to grow with your baby, ensuring a snug fit at every stage. With a fabric content of 93% Cotton and 7% Elastane, it's gentle on delicate skin while offering the perfect amount of stretch for comfort.

Experience the difference with Swaddle Up™ - the ultimate solution for a peaceful and restful sleep for your little one.

Swaddle Up™ Transition Bag - your baby's cozy companion for a seamless transition from swaddling to sleeping bag freedom. Packed with warmth, comfort, and thoughtful features, it's a must-have for any parent seeking a gentle shift for their little one.

Crafted from quilted cotton, this transition bag offers a warm embrace while allowing your baby to gradually move away from swaddling. Its patented zip-off wings make it a breeze to convert into a snug sleeping bag, providing that familiar secure feeling of being swaddled without the need for extra layers.

Designed with your baby's comfort in mind, it features a twin zipper for hassle-free diaper changes, ensuring convenience for both you and your little dreamer. Plus, it's recognized as a hip-healthy product by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, promoting optimal flexion for hips and legs.

Ideal for cooler climates, this transition bag boasts a built-in quilted blanket for superior warmth and coziness, perfect for room temperatures between 61°F and 68°F. And with no loose layers to worry about, you can rest assured that your baby will stay snug and secure throughout the night.

For added versatility, it pairs seamlessly with Love to Dream™ layers for sleep and play, offering endless possibilities for your baby's comfort and style. And when it comes to care, it's a breeze – simply toss it in the machine for a warm, gentle wash and tumble dry on low for easy maintenance.

Available in two sizes, Medium and Large, and crafted from high-quality materials including 93% cotton and 7% elastane outer and lining, with a 100% cotton filling, this transition bag prioritizes both comfort and durability.

Remember to wash before first use, close the zipper before washing, and follow the care instructions for long-lasting enjoyment. With the Swaddle Up™ Transition Bag, you can make the transition from swaddling to sleeping bag a smooth and cozy experience for you and your little one.

Love To Dream™ Sleep Suit – your little one's cozy companion for peaceful nights and playful days! Crafted from quilted cotton in a soothing Moonlight Olive hue, this sleep suit is designed to keep your child snug and secure without the hassle of loose blankets in the crib.

Here's why it's a must-have:

Versatile Functionality: Whether it's naptime, playtime, or a stroll outside, this sleep suit is up for the task. Its clever design allows for easy movement, providing comfort and freedom wherever your child goes.

Safe Exploration: Built-in legs and feet enable your little explorer to roam safely within their sleep space. Plus, the "2-in-1" feet design lets you cover them up for bedtime warmth and uncover them for active playtime.

Secure Grip: Say goodbye to slipping accidents! Grip pads on the feet ensure steady steps, while specially sized leg lengths minimize trip hazards, offering peace of mind for both you and your child.

Warmth and Comfort: With long sleeves and fold-over cuffs for sizes 6-12 months, this sleep suit keeps tiny arms cozy. The warm quilted blanket adds an extra layer of snuggle-worthy comfort, perfect for room temperatures between 16°C and 20°C.

Premium Quality: Crafted with care, the upper chest features luxuriously soft cotton fleece for added warmth. Plus, it's easy to care for – just toss it in the washing machine and dryer for hassle-free maintenance.

Size Options: Available in 5 sizes ranging from 6-12 months to 4 years, there's a perfect fit for every stage of your child's growth.

Safety First: For your peace of mind, the Love To Dream™ Sleep Suit meets strict safety standards and comes with clear instructions to keep it away from fire hazards.

Make bedtime a breeze and let your little one dream comfortably with the Love To Dream™ Sleep Suit – the ultimate solution for a snug and secure sleep environment.


Navigating the world with your baby requires reliable transportation solutions that priorities safety and convenience. A rear-facing car seat is essential for keeping your baby secure during car journeys, while a lightweight stroller or travel system allows you to explore the world together with ease.

  • Rear-facing car seat (suitable for newborns)

  • Car seat base (if using a car seat with a base)

  • Baby carrier, sling, or wrap

  • Lightweight stroller or travel system

With a safe and reliable car seat and stroller, you can explore the world with your baby, creating cherished memories along the way.

Nursery Necessities

Designing a nurturing and functional nursery space is a rite of passage for many expectant mums. Focus on these essentials:

  • Changing table or changing pad with covers

  • Diaper pail or bin

  • Baby monitor with video and audio capabilities

  • Nursing chair or glider with footstool

  • Blackout curtains or blinds for the nursery

By investing in nursery necessities, you'll create a haven where you and your baby can bond, play, and rest peacefully, surrounded by love and warmth.

Health and Safety

Protecting your baby's health and safety is a top priority for every parent. With the right tools and precautions in place, you can provide a secure environment where your baby can thrive and explore the world safely.

  • Digital thermometer

  • Nasal aspirator or bulb syringe

  • Baby nail clippers or scissors

  • Baby-friendly bath thermometer

  • First aid kit with essential supplies

By prioritising health and safety essentials, you'll have peace of mind knowing that you're prepared to handle any situation that may arise, keeping your baby safe and sound.


Bath time is a special bonding experience between parent and baby. Ensure it's enjoyable and stress-free with these essentials:

  • Baby bathtub or bath support

  • Soft baby towels

  • Gentle baby shampoo and body wash

  • Baby brush and comb set

  • Moisturising lotion or oil for baby massage

By incorporating bathing and grooming essentials into your registry, you'll transform bath time into a cherished ritual filled with love.

Discover the magic of Dandelion Dream, a gentle yet effective solution that leaves your child's hair soft, fresh, and delicately cleansed. Enriched with natural ingredients, this formula replenishes sensitive skin, offering soothing protection while creating plenty of bubbles for endless bath time fun.

Formulated with babies and toddlers in mind, Baby Bare Bubbles provides gentle moisturization, protection against dryness and irritation, and a touch of luxury to every bath. With each use, your little one's skin will be moisturized, soothed, and hydrated, while their hair is left clean, soft, and vibrant.

Experience the purity of Baby Bare Bubbles and the eco-conscious luxury of bamboo with our Dandelion Dream and Bamboo Collection. It's more than just bath time—it's a moment of nourishment, care, and pure delight for you and your little one.

Playtime and Development

Playtime is not just about fun; it's also a crucial opportunity for your baby to explore, learn, and grow. With the right toys and activities, you can nurture your baby's curiosity and creativity, laying the foundation for future development.

  • Play mat or activity gym

  • Soft toys and rattles

  • Board books for newborns

  • Baby bouncer or rocker

  • Developmental toys with contrasting colors and textures

By incorporating playtime and development essentials into your registry, you'll foster a love for learning and exploration from an early age, setting the stage for a bright and curious future.

Meet the Mamas & Papas Welcome to the World Playmat in Grey, your baby's new favorite hangout spot, priced at £99.

Let's dive into why it's a must-have for your little one's playtime!

Imagine a cozy oasis for your baby - that's exactly what this playmat offers with its soft padded base. It's like a fluffy cloud, ensuring your baby stays snug as a bug while they play and relax.

But the fun doesn't stop there! With four cute hanging toys, this playmat becomes a playground for your baby's curious hands. They'll love reaching out and exploring each one, discovering new textures and shapes along the way.

And here's the best part: the included elephant tummy time toy. Not only is it adorable, but it's also essential for helping your baby strengthen those all-important muscles during tummy time sessions. Plus, it adds an extra element of fun to their playtime routine!

Now, let's talk about sensory stimulation. From the musical hanging toy to the textured teether, this playmat is designed to engage your baby's senses and encourage exploration. It's like a mini adventure right in your living room!

Oh, and did I mention style? The sleek grey design of this playmat perfectly complements the rest of the Welcome to the World Grey collection. So not only is it functional and fun, but it also adds a touch of chic to your nursery decor.

With dimensions of H57 x W90 x D90cm, there's plenty of room for your little one to stretch out and play to their heart's content. Whether they're practicing tummy time, reaching for the hanging safari characters, or simply enjoying some downtime, this playmat provides the perfect backdrop for all their baby adventures!

Personalised Touches

Your baby's nursery is a reflection of your love and creativity, making it the perfect canvas for personalisation. By adding unique and meaningful touches, you'll create a space that celebrates your family's story and creates lasting memories.

  • Keepsake memory book or journal

  • Handmade blankets or quilts

  • Personalised nursery decor (name prints, wall decals)

  • Customised baby clothes or accessories

  • Gift cards for future purchases or experiences

By incorporating personalised touches into your registry, you'll infuse your baby's nursery with warmth, personality, and love, creating a space that feels uniquely yours.

Creating a baby registry is an exciting milestone for expectant mums, marking the transition from pregnancy to parenthood. By utilising reputable websites like Amazon, John Lewis & Partners, and Mamas & Papas, and following this comprehensive checklist, you can curate a registry that meets your baby's needs while reflecting your unique parenting style. Remember, the most important thing is to cherish the journey and embrace the joy and challenges of motherhood with an open heart and a well-equipped nursery. Happy nesting!

Written by the Specialist in Parenthood Essentials, First Time Mums UK @firsttimemumsuk


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