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Introducing SnackEase™: The Ultimate Mealtime Companion for Busy Parents

Are mealtimes with your little one feeling like a circus act? Spills, mess, and the constant struggle to find space can turn what should be enjoyable family moments into chaotic episodes.

Enter SnackEase™ – the quick-folding highchair designed to simplify your life from baby's first tastes to their toddler years. Let’s dive into why SnackEase™ is the perfect addition to your family’s mealtime routine.

Graco bolsters its homecare range just in time for National Weaning Week (May 13th-17th) with SnackEase™ , a new highchair that folds fast, folds compact, and stands upright when folded. 

Ease of Use: Effortless Setup and Storage

With SnackEase™, convenience is key. Its simple, one-hand fold feature means you can effortlessly set it up or stow it away in mere seconds. No more wrestling with bulky highchairs or struggling to find storage space. Even better, SnackEase™ stays standing when folded, eliminating the hassle of bending, twisting, or fussing with awkward positions.

Lightweight and Portable Design

Weighing just 6.3kg, SnackEase™ is your lightweight mealtime companion. Easily move it around your home, from the kitchen to the dining area, without breaking a sweat. Its compact size and portability make it a breeze to bring along for family visits or outings.

Child Comfort: Because Happy Diners Make Happy Mealtimes

Your little one's comfort is paramount. SnackEase™ features a 3-position recline and fixed footrest to ensure they're snug and content throughout the meal. The wipeable seat pad is a game-changer for messy eaters, effortlessly handling spills and stains with ease.

Safety First: Peace of Mind for Parents

Safety is non-negotiable when it comes to our children. SnackEase™ prioritizes your little one's security with no-slip plastic feet to keep the highchair steady during mealtimes. The adjustable 3- or 5-point harness provides a snug fit, ensuring your child stays safe and secure in their seat.

Smart Design Features

SnackEase™ isn't just functional; it's cleverly designed to make your life easier. The removable tray with an integrated cupholder provides space for snacks and keeps drinks within reach. Plus, the large storage basket keeps mealtime essentials organized and accessible.

Technical Specifications

  • Product Dimensions (without tray): L 89 x W 54 x H 103cm

  • Folded Dimensions (with tray): L 46 x W 61.2 x H 91.5cm

  • Folded Dimensions (without tray): L 31.6 x W 54 x H 91.5cm

Recommended Use

Suitable for 6 months to approx. 3 years (max. 15kg)

Safety Guidelines

It's essential to follow safety guidelines to ensure your child's wellbeing. SnackEase™ recommends not using the product until your child can sit up unaided and always using the restraint system correctly.

Simplify Mealtimes with SnackEase™

Say goodbye to mealtime madness and hello to stress-free dining experiences with SnackEase™. Its simple, intuitive design, coupled with its lightweight portability and emphasis on safety and comfort, makes it the ultimate mealtime companion for busy parents. Invest in SnackEase™ today and reclaim precious family moments around the table.

Ready to make mealtimes a breeze? Try SnackEase™ now and experience the joy of stress-free dining with your little one.

Author: Graco Baby UK 

Instagram: @graco_uk 


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