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Everything You Need To Know About Taking a Buggy To Glastonbury - And Other Festivals

One of these family-oriented gatherings is Glastonbury, a captivating realm where families unite to forge enduring memories while immersing themselves in diverse cultures, remarkable music, delectable cuisine, and a respite from the demands of daily life.

Undoubtedly, there are several factors to contemplate (and items to pack), such as a stroller, when attending festivals like Glastonbury with babies or children. Nonetheless, bringing your little ones to a festival can be immensely gratifying, enjoyable, and a pivotal experience for family bonding.

Can you bring an infant to Glastonbury and other festivals?

In brief – absolutely! No age is too tender, as long as you're equipped. Certain festivals are better suited for older children, while others accommodate families with younger offspring. It's prudent to opt for a festival that suits your child's age and interests, as well as your own.

What stroller should you bring to a festival?

Bringing a stroller to a festival can simplify navigation through crowds and offer a cozy haven for your baby to rest. You need a buggy that's compact and versatile stroller suitable for various terrains. The iCandy Core boasts a rugged wheelbase, ideal for traversing grassy or uneven surfaces. Make sure your stroller is equipped with essential supplies for your baby, including a changing bag or backpack that securely attaches to the stroller's handlebars. This bag should contain essentials like diapers, wipes, bottles, snacks, toys, and more. Remember to include a rain cover and a screen. Outdoor festival weather can shift rapidly, necessitating a rain cover or canopy for your stroller. The iCandy Universal Screen provides UPF50+ protection and efficiently blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays.

Can I camp at a festival with my baby?

Certainly! Most festivals offer dedicated family camping zones (double-check the festival website before your reservation). Glastonbury, for instance, features two family camping fields monitored by campsite staff. Strive to adhere to your baby's habitual sleep patterns by preserving familiar bedtime routines, thereby promoting a restful night's sleep. All iCandy carrycots are suitable for extended overnight slumber and fit seamlessly within a family tent, offering an ideal and sustainable slumber solution.

How can I navigate the festival grounds with my baby?

Whether you're a stickler for routines or a more spontaneous parent, it's wise to draft a loose schedule for the day. Outline the activities and performances you wish to experience, along with adequate time for crucial naps and meals. This approach ensures you can savor your festival experience while accommodating your baby's needs.

How can I feed my baby at a festival?

Seek out a serene and secluded spot – many festivals designate areas for nursing or feeding babies. Alternatively, you can identify shaded and less crowded corners where you can comfortably nurse your baby. For bottle-fed babies, carry pre-measured formula in individual containers or opt for ready-to-feed formula. Bring ample bottles and sterilized water stored in insulated containers to maintain suitable temperatures throughout the day. Identify locations with warm water access for formula preparation if required. A portable sterilizer can prove beneficial to maintain bottle hygiene.

For babies consuming solid foods, pre-packaged baby food in sealed containers is a prudent choice. Opt for non-perishable items that can be served at room temperature. Additionally, pack basic utensils tailored to your baby's age and needs, along with disposable bibs and wipes for swift clean-up.

"When my family and I attended Glastonbury, I alternated between bottle and breast feeding. Breastfeeding was notably convenient as it required no equipment and could be done anywhere. For bottle feeding, we carried a sizable container of cold water for sterilization. The non-judgmental atmosphere at Glastonbury eased my experience further!" - Kim Stammers, a devoted festival-goer and mother of two.

Tips for what to pack for your baby

  • Prepare daily necessities: Assemble a comprehensive diaper bag equipped with essentials like diapers, wipes, formula or breast milk, bottles, baby food, extra clothing, blankets, and sun protection items (sunhat, sunscreen, etc.). Amass sufficient supplies to last the festival's duration.

  • Weather considerations: Prior to embarking on your festival journey, review the weather forecast. In anticipation of hot conditions, pack high-SPF sunscreen, your baby's sunhat, and bottled water. For chilly weather, ensure you have warm attire.

  • Snacks and hydration: Festival refreshments can be pricey and queues can be lengthy. To economize and sidestep extended lines, carry your snacks and drinks. Pouches and dried fruits are low-mess options that can be conveniently consumed on-the-go.

  • Stroller considerations: If you have young children, a stroller is invaluable. Opt for one with sturdy wheels capable of handling diverse terrains, and a capacious basket to transport essentials throughout the day.

  • First-aid preparedness: A compact first-aid kit complete with plasters, antiseptic wipes, antihistamine cream, and necessary medications for your baby is essential. Familiarize yourself with medical facilities and emergency exits at the festival.

  • Protective earwear: Ear defenders are indispensable to shield young ones' sensitive hearing. As children grow, they might prefer subtler alternatives like decibel-reducing earplugs to mitigate auditory strain.

  • Attire considerations: The capricious British weather warrants a layered approach. Pack adaptable layers to accommodate temperature fluctuations. For older children, including wellies and waterproofs eliminates the need for frequent outfit changes.

  • Essential accessories: Don't forget a flashlight (with spare batteries), and if necessary, a portable potty for nighttime use.

  • A prepared mindset: Festivals harbor unpredictability; thus, readiness is paramount. Account for adverse weather, lengthy queues, and substantial crowds.

Most importantly, have fun! Festivals are a great way to spend time with your family and create memories that will last a lifetime. So relax and enjoy!


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