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Can I Use a Lightweight Stroller Every Day?

Let’s face it, life is busy. In a world where we constantly run around at 100 miles per hour, we will take any help we can get to make it a little easier!

Parents often worry that their baby isn’t going to be comfortable and safe in a lightweight stroller every day, and they are only suitable for occasional use when travelling. However, those days are a thing of the past. So much development has been invested in more compact and lightweight strollers, some have just as many features and just as much functionality as a larger travel system, making them suitable and safe for everyday use.

There are so many options on the market for this style of stroller, they can be labelled many different ways; travel stroller, compact stroller, lightweight stroller, all of which pretty much mean the same, but you need to do your research and ensure it is going to be comfortable and safe for your little one and you for everyday use.

Your Lifestyle

When choosing the right stroller, baby’s comfort is the number one priority, but remember that it also needs to fit your lifestyle.

Large, and sometimes bulky travel systems are not always the right fit for everyone. If you are a frequent user of public transport, you like to travel often, and you don’t drive a huge SUV, then a large travel system will not suit your lifestyle. You will find yourself frustrated, flustered, and dreading going anywhere with your little one.

Just a small thought, but important, how much room do you have at home to store your stroller? Remember: a compact folding solution can sit neatly in a hallway or be packed away in a cupboard.

Baby’s Comfort

Choosing a lightweight, compact folding stroller does not mean that you are not considering your baby’s comfort… not anymore. This style of neat stroller has been revolutionized over the past few years and now offers everything you and your baby need to travel in pure comfort, with complete ease, and in style.

Look for a stroller that will suit your baby from birth, whether the seat unit is suitable from birth or you can easily add a carrycot. Experts recommend having your baby lie flat for the first six months to allow them to breathe efficiently and get all the oxygen they need. It also supports their bone development, particularly allowing their hips and spine to develop properly.

The seat unit needs to be comfortable and have enough room for your child to grow. Of course, all strollers come with 5 point safety harnesses, but look for padded harness straps for added comfort. Look for a solution with an adjustable leg rest for your growing child. A large hood is beneficial too, to help protect them in inclement weather, to shade baby from the sun. If it has UV protection, even better.

Daily Life

Consider your daily activities. Where will you be taking baby on a regular basis? All-round suspension is great if you like to do a little off-roading, front swivel wheels will allow you to breeze around the city streets with ease. A combination of both is ideal!

One of the biggest considerations is the fold and the folded size. If you are hopping on and off the tube or bus, then you need to be able to fold your stroller with one hand while holding baby in the other arm. You don’t want to be asking people for help just to hop on the bus!

Weather is also a large factor to consider. Will you be out and about to potentially get caught in a shower? Is the fabric showerproof? Does it come with a raincover to throw over quickly, and does it have UV protection for sunnier climates and holidaying? All important factors.


If you love to travel, whether that be in your car, on the train or overseas, then think about the folded size. Will it fit in your car boot for travelling when you have your luggage and everything your baby needs for a trip away? Will it fold compactly enough to fit in the luggage compartment on a train, can it be carried on a plane as hand luggage? Check it comes with a handy travel bag and always check the hand luggage limitations with the airline before you travel.


Finally, style. There's no compromise on style these days with a lightweight stroller. They are no longer a cheap solution we pick up for holidays on the Costas. Look for one which comes in a range of on-trend colours to suit your style, has luxurious fabrics and some special finishing touches. Don’t forget you also need to look cool folding and unfolding your stroller in less than two seconds!



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