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Best Product Vote 2023 - Results & Winners

We are excited to share the results of The Best Product Vote 2023 we conducted in April. More than 3,000 mums from our community have taken part and voted for their most loved baby brands and products.

Best Baby & Children's Clothing Range

Best Baby & Child Skincare Products

Best Baby Bouncer, Rocker & Swing

Best Baby Carriers, Swaddles & Bands

Best Baby Monitor

Best Baby Shower Gift & Newborn Keepsake

Best Bedside & Co-sleeper Crib

Best Baby Bottle

Best Bib

Best Biodegradable, Eco-friendly Disposable Napp

Best Biodegradable, Eco-friendly Wet Wipes

Best Breastfeeding Product

Best Children's Outdoor Clothing

Best Compact-fold Pushchair

Best Cup, Beaker

Best Cutlery & Tableware

Best Family Travel/Holiday Product Over £25

SPECIAL AWARD: Game-Changer Parenting Product

Best Highchair/Booster Seat

Best Mealtime Sets

SPECIAL AWARD: Multi-Stage, Long-life Parenting Product

Best New Mum Skincare

Best New Parent Service

Best Pregnancy/Birth Product & Service

Best Baby & Child Sleeptime Product

Best Swaddle & Sleeping Bag

Best Technology Product For Babies & Families

Best Travel System Package Over £800

Best Weaning & Feeding Product

About this vote

The total number of participants in the Best Product Vote 2023 was 3,100. All participants are members of the First Time Mums UK community on Facebook or Instagram. First Time Mums UK community comprises over 21k members on Facebook and 15k members on Instagram as of May 2023.

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