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6 Reasons To Let Your Baby Get Messy When Learning To Eat (and the ultimate parenting hack to manage the weaning mess!)

Learning to eat is MESSY. But did you know that making a mess when learning to eat is actually a GOOD thing?

It’s important to encourage your little human to explore their food with all their senses and let them try to feed themselves (even if they squish, squeeze or drop more food than they manage to eat). 

Here’s why:

  1. Touching & squishing food exposes them to different textures

  2. Reduces the likelihood of picky eating

  3. Advances fine & gross motor skills

  4. Teaches them to self-feed and self-regulate their own appetite

  5. Develops hand-eye coordination & vocabulary

  6. Keeps mealtimes fun, explorative and pressure-free, setting them up for a positive relationship with food and eating.

But just because you embrace the weaning mess, doesn’t mean you need to spend extra time cleaning up! Set yourself up for success with smock bibs to protect their clothes, suction bowls to keep their food in place and the food catcher to keep food wastage to a minimum and protect your floors (and back!)

Author: Catchy

Instagram: @catchy


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