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My name is Yana, I am an Instagram Mentor

I founded the First Time Mums UK network 2 years ago which now has over 36k members, and now I mentor businesses and influencers in Instagram marketing. I will provide you with the ready solutions to increase engagement, customer loyalty and revenue through sales or marketing.

I have grown my Instagram community from 0 to 15k+ engaged and loyal followers in less than 1 year. I have tried and tested different strategies so now I know what really works.




Why Doing Mentorship With Me?

Because I guarantee, it’s worth your money. Here is why.

I have created @firsttimemumsuk from zero, and grew it to over 15k engaged audience in under 1 year.

I now make more money from marketing revenue on my Instagram, than I ever made whilst working in an investment bank.

I have tried and tested multiple different growth and engagement strategies, so I really know what works and what doesn’t.

In just under 1 year, I have worked with over 100 national and international brands who advertised with me at @firsttimemumsuk.

I make more money on Instagram than anyone else with a similar number of followers. I know how and where to find clients who actually pay.

If you are thinking to start a blog or want to improve your existing blog, don’t spend any more time trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Book a consultation with me instead.


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One Consultation

A consultation takes place online via Zoom and lasts 1hr. We will work on increasing engagement, revenue and followers on your Instagram account. In the end, we will build a plan for developing your blog further going forward.


During the session, I will advise you on:


  • increasing engagement and followers' loyalty

  • maximising revenue from Instagram sales and/or marketing

  • growing engaged following

  • content optimisation

  • any questions you may have


After the session, you will receive my E-BOOK on managing and growing your Instagram account efficiently.

Increase Instagram Engagement

Maximise Revenue From Instagram

Grow Engaged Following

6-Week Individual Mentorship

Includes 6 calls with me (once a week, or tailored). Live private chat with me on WhatsUp to ask any questions 4 days a week (Mon-Tue and Thu-Fri, between 10 am - 19 pm). In-depth weekly calls on content, engagement and monetisation via Zoom, each call is 1hr.

We will meet weekly to review your Instagram account progress. I will be monitoring your Instagram activity for the entire duration of our mentorship. During each session, we will cover:

  • deep  dives into content, engagement and monetisation

  • improvements that need to be made further

  • present you with brand-new Instagram hacks to meet your goals

  • design an action plan for next week, and going forward

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